My approach focuses on developing individual plans for each of my clients. To meet your specific needs, I can provide fee-only financial planning, individual tax planning and individual tax preparation services.  That approach does limit the total number of clients I am able to work with. Once you have had a chance to review my web site, please contact me so we can determine whether my financial planning services are appropriate for your needs. 

If you are interested in working with me or want to learn more about my approach, I offer a complimentary, 30-45 minute Get Acquainted meeting to discuss your goals and needs.

After we meet, I develop a fee estimate, based on my rate of $280 an hour and the time needed to analyze your situation and develop your customized plan.

Below I have provided typical fees for the services I offer. It’s important to know that fees vary, based on each client’s situation and needs.

Investment Planning
Planning begins by identifying your objectives, risk tolerance and time frame. I can create a diversified portfolio, using a low-cost passive approach, which includes low-cost and no-load financial products that reduce investment expenses and maximize long-term performance.

The typical fee for a new client is $2,800-4,200. Subsequent plan updates are typically $1,400-2,000.

Retirement Planning
Determining how much money you will need to retire, and when you can retire, is a difficult task.  I can help you to decide when you can comfortably retire, and how long your money will last, based on different scenarios. For younger clients I can help determine an appropriate savings rate to reach your goals.  I can also assist you with making decisions concerning when and how to claim Social Security and pension benefits.

The typical fee is $1,400-3,000.

College Planning
529 Plans, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts and UGMA/UTMA accounts represent different ways to save for college. I can help you determine which is best for you and what investments to select within each account.

The typical fee is $300-600 in conjunction with other planning services.

Comprehensive Financial Planning
This service encompasses a comprehensive review of your entire financial picture – household income and expenses, taxes, debt management, savings, investments, retirement and education funds, employee benefits, insurance coverage, and estate planning and gifting. Based on your goals, I can address each element individually within the context of your entire financial situation.

The typical fee is $4,200-7,000.

Tax Planning & Preparation

As a CPA, I can review your previous tax returns and discuss your current financial situation to find ways to minimize your future taxes. I offer tax services to my financial planning clients. If you need a tax accountant only, I suggest checking the WICPA website ( and using the “Find a CPA” search to locate a CPA who can help you with your taxes.

For my financial planning clients, I offer income tax return preparation, which begins at $500 and increases with complexity, and  tax planning, which typically ranges from $280-560.